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Hey there, I’m guessing since you landed on this page, you want to get to know a little more about yours truly. I’m so glad you’re interested, so lets just jump right in and get acquainted.


My name is Shannon “UniQuely Shannon” Butler and ever since I could remember, I had a love for creativity. From a very young age, I have been involved with many forms of artistry. Makeup and fashion have always been a huge interest to me, but what I’ve really grown a passion for is design. I am mostly self taught, but I’ve also gone to college and studied both Graphic Design and Web Design & Interactive Media. I am the founder of UniQuely Shannon Designs, my online Graphic and Web Design business where I do UniQue and amazing graphic design work for my lovely clients.

I display my knowledge of art and beauty across many social media platforms. You’ll see me get up close and personal in my YouTube videos, or you might see me expressing my UniQue thoughts about interesting topics on Twitter, or even post about things that inspire me on tumblr. Through my journey I want to let people know how to build their own empire so that they can be just as successful as the people they look up to. That’s why I love spreading my wisdom and giving out some pretty amazing tips on my blog that will guide you in the right direction to accomplishing your dreams at their fullest potential.

I love giving back and spreading my personal knowledge in hopes that it will make a difference in someone’s life. My main goal is to inspire and encourage others to be who they are no matter what. Whether it means not being afraid to put your creative work out there for everyone to see, or rocking your own UniQue style even if it’s not on trend. “Confidence is the key to life, if you believe it you can achieve it.” – UniQuely Shannon

So now that you’ve gotten to know me a little better, let’s be friends! Become a part of my UniQue Elite and you’ll be in the loop with everything I have going on in the future, not to mention you might be surprised with some free goodies every now and then.